CUE Faculty and Graduate Student Fellows

To foster a community of interdisciplinary scholars engaged in urban education research, theory, policy, and practice, the Center for Urban Education offers faculty and graduate students in the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh the opportunity to apply to become CUE Fellows. Those outside the School of Education are invited to apply. CUE affiliation provides fellows with the opportunity to build collaborative research projects, share and discuss issues and solutions in urban education, and showcase research and development projects. CUE is proud to recognize its Faculty and Graduate Student Fellows. To learn more about becoming a CUE fellow, contact us.

CUE Faculty Fellows

Tom Akiva, Eleanor Anderson, Anna Arlotta-Guerrero, Katrina Bartow Jacobs, Tinukwa Boulder, Linda DeAngelo, Loretta Fernandez, Amanda Godley, Mike Gunzenhauser, Jennifer Iriti, Kari Kokka, Josué Lopez, Megan O'Brien, Jill Perry, Emily Rainey, Rachel Robertson, Sharon Ross, Khirsten Scott, Michelle Sobolak, Jerome Taylor, Christel Temple 

CUE Graduate Student Fellows

Shan Cawley, Meghan Dale, Bianca DeJesus, Yue Gao, Tom Hill, Jinx McClean, Meghan Orman, Katie Todd