CUESEF Presenter Files


Thursday, July 18, 2019


  • [Breakout 4]  Roger L. Booker, Jr.How Does it Feel to Be a Problem? The Emasculation of the Black Male Student -- Overhead slides (PDF)


  • [Breakout 5]  Kristabel Stark & Jessica Koslouski: Understanding Vicarious Trauma: Strategies for Preventing Emotional Exhaustion -- Overhead slides (PDF)



Friday, July 19, 2019 


  • [Breakout 2] Stephanie Romero: Mindfulness Practices to Support the Journey of Confronting Internalized Racial Superiority and Inferiority -- Overhead slides (PDF)
  • [Breakout 2] Wesley WaldrupSEL with an Equity Lens: Building teacher SEL competencies to promote equity in K-12 Education


  • [Breakout 5] Ben Fisher: School Resource Officers, Race, and Perceptions of Threats at School -- Overhead slides (PDF)


  • [Breakout 6] Bryan Hernandez: Restorative Practices at DAEP (Discipline Alternative Education Program) -- Overhead slides (PDF)


  • [Breakout 7] Jamie Upshaw, Lu Randall, Janice Nathan, & Barry R. Nathan (Moderator)Autism in the School-to-Work Pipeline --  Overhead slides (PDF)
  • [Breakout 7] Olivia EndersLegal Mechanisms for Preventing the Exclusion of Students with Disabilities 
  • [Breakout 7] Sonya J. HicksParent Participation or Advocacy and IDEA: A Case Study to Critique Special Education Practices in K-12 Public Education -- Overhead Slides (PDF)


  • [Breakout 10] Dakota GarilliExposed and Underserved: How LGBTQ+ Youth Are Failed by School Systems


  • [Breakout 11] Amie White & Nichole Sims: The Urgency to End Exclusionary Discipline and Improve School Climate -- Overhead slides (PDF)
  • [Breakout 11] Cheryl T. Desmond & Damaris Rau: An Urban District’s Practices to STOP its School-to-Prison Pipeline and to Develop Equitable Opportunities for All Students  -- Overhead slides (PDF)


Saturday, July 20, 2019