Summer Educator Forum

"Two panelists speak on-stage at CUESEF 2019"

The Center for Urban Education Summer Educator Forum (CUESEF) is a professional learning experience for education professionals (pre- and practicing educators) in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. Each year, we are joined by leading scholars and thought leaders who specialize in justice-based education, public policy reform, and more.

Save the date: CUESEF 2023 will be held on Tuesday, June 20 - Friday, June 23, 2023. Stay tuned for more information.

CUESEF 2022: "Beyond 'the Crisis': Education for Local and Global Liberation"

During CUESEF 2022, participants were invited to think with us beyond current “crises”—about teacher shortages, anti-critical race theory policies, and COVID impacts—and into the long-standing struggle for a liberating education, locally and globally.

CUESEF 2021: "Forging Futures Through Black Educational Histories"

CUESEF 2021 invited participants to engage dynamic historian dialogues, study groups, and webinars to foster thinking about the reparative practices and systems that rectify ongoing educational injustice and inequity and build futures.

CUESEF 2020: "Crisis Pedagogies: Communities, Education, and the Public Good"

Hosted during a year in which COVID-19 and anti-Black state violence lay bare racialized inequities, CUESEF 2020 took a closer look at how various communities – youth, parents/families, community members, teachers, and administrators – were affected in the wake of these crises.

CUESEF 2019: "Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Re-Imagining Policies, Practices, and Politics in Education Systems"

At CUESEF 2019, panelists drew from academic, activist, artistic, and youth communities to examine the educational context, to expose power relationships and political agendas, and to expand our understanding of relevance and responsibility for humanity, global citizenry, and professional practice.