Reflection Into Action

The Center for Urban Education (CUE) hosts a variety of scholars and thought leaders to present lectures on vital issues and trends in education. Following some of these lectures, CUE will keep the conversation going with Reflection Into Action interactive events. During these events, students, faculty, staff, and community members work together to create actionable ideas surrounding the topic at hand.

Past Conversations

February 3, 2022: Remembering Bob Moses

CUE kept the conversation going from the Remembering Bob Moses: His Life and Legacy Lunch & Learn by hosting a Reflection into Action interactive event.  During the virtual event, participants had an opportunity to learn more about the CUE Ready to Learn program.  In addition, event participants worked collaboratively to create actionable ideas to improve and expand Ready to Learn to support the math learning of more middle school students in the region. 

In reflecting on the discussion of Bob Moses' legacy and examples of the successes of his ideas, this event aimed to bring educators, community members, and students together to strategize about how the Ready to Learn program can serve as a vehicle to carry the mantle of justice through critical math pedagogy. 

October 24, 2019: Dr. Jack Daniel

Dr. Jack Daniel led a discussion designed to create collective strategies for advancing the ideas presented during Dr. Na’ilah Suad Nasir’s CUETalks lecture (Oct. 23) into actionable plans for improving our schools and communities.

March 27, 2019: Dr. H. Samy Alim

A panel of local school, district, student group, parent and community representatives led a discussion designed to create collective strategies for advancing the ideas presented during Dr. Alim's #CUETalks lecture into actionable plans for improving our schools and communities.

October 17, 2018: Community Conversations: Finding Lost Strategies in the Quest for Education Justice

Following her Oct. 16 lecture, historian Dr. Vanessa Siddle Walker and local education professionals engaged in a dialogue about community power in education advocacy. In this forum, we learned from the strategies of ancestors past, discussed the challenges of the present, and charted a course for the future.

March 28, 2018: Addressing Cultural Conflicts in Educational Spaces

CUE reflected and discussed building on the themes of the Lisa Delpit lecture as we searched for new ideas and strategies for changing the ways we address cultural conflicts in educational spaces.