Disrupting a Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline

The Center for Urban Education (CUE) at the University of Pittsburgh is spending the 2015-2016 academic year focusing on disrupting a Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline, including a series of events on the theme and a new comprehensive, research-to-practice report. The goal of this forthcoming report is: (1) to educate and increase society’s awareness and understanding of the many factors contributing to a pervasive pipeline of children — especially those of color, those who live below the poverty line, and those whose first language is not English and those who may require special education services — into the criminal justice system, and (2) to provide translational recommendations for action. The report, which will be released in February, 2016, will provide an introduction to a cradle-to-prison pipeline and ten commonly cited contributors to it.

View and download a primer to the report here (PDF).

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