Jawanza K. Rand


4303 Wesley Posvar Hall

Pittsburgh, Pa. 15260


Jawanza Rand is a second-year doctoral student and Dean’s Scholar in the Urban Education and Social & Comparative Analysis of Education programs in the School of Education. As a research and teaching associate with the Center for Urban Education. Jawanza is actively involved in the Student Academic and Social Development affinity group, operating CUE’s Ready To Learn program. He is also a student co-chair for the Diversity Scholars program. Jawanza’s research interests include innovative approaches to urban school reform, transformative practices in urban school leadership, and sustainable ways to improve relational and ethical culture in urban school environments by infusing Critical Race, Gender and Social Justice discourses into the school-wide curriculum and ethos. Jawanza holds Master’s degrees in Social Ethics from Fordham University, Religious Studies from Union Theological Seminary of NYC, and Secondary Education from Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of Education.