Village Learning Hub

The Village Learning Hub (VLH) is the result of a joint venture between Homewood Children’s Village (HCV) and the Center for Urban Education (CUE). The VLH intends to support families that are currently homeschooling their children or are interested in doing so, while remaining staunch advocates for equity within education. Parents/Caregivers are meaningfully involved in the VLH and learning plan operations and have the opportunity not just to learn but to teach their children. HCV is engaging with passionate educators to strategically align our ideas and create unique lesson plans for children that are both engaging and enriching. Because of CUE’s incredibly meaningful networking events such as the CUE Summer Education Forum (CUESEF) and CUE study group sessions, HCV was able to hire these talented VLH educators.

Everyone is empowered at the hub. Children drive activity. Community members support holistic development. Parents/Caregivers, community members, and partners engage in the hub with multiple ways to participate, from joining a meal to facilitating a course.

VLH provides more equitable access to homeschooling with opportunities for those who would not otherwise have the resources to participate. Families are active participants in the decision-making process. Learners have increased ownership in their education with a personalized learning pathway developed with a certified educator. Students embrace and utilize emerging technologies (AR and VR) as a part of their learning. Incorporating youth development activities allows students to learn about their interests and preferred interaction with others.

By supporting families and students outside of a traditional classroom setting, HCV is positioned to have a more direct impact on academic outcomes. This also impacts HCV’s Advocate Model by enabling Advocates to align closely with the academic needs of students and their families. (Advocates work to holistically support youth and families by connecting them to relevant programs, services, and resources and by setting goals and monitoring progress.) The execution of this Learning Hub will afford HCV staff the opportunity to continue to engage in best practices, deepen their knowledge and use of culturally relevant pedagogy, and increase the use of inquiry-based learning opportunities.