The Center for Urban Education is dynamic; it is an interconnected network of scholars, researchers and activists who learn from one another. However, Center affiliates often rely on data and information from outside sources, too. 

City, state and national data, material produced by other universities, journals and other publications, and current periodicals such as newspapers and education magazines provide a great deal of insight. The Center for Urban Education consults the following resources most frequently: 

  • American Educational Research Association (AERA) - One of the nation’s leading associations of researchers, whose members study all aspects of education, including curriculum design, classroom dynamics, teacher preparation and more.
  • Education (Ed) Week - A leading media outlet providing education-focused news, reports, commentary and media.
  • The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) - A highly established national and international organization that advocates for diversity, inclusion and social justice in schools and other educational settings.
  • PAEYC - A nonprofit advocacy organization that offers news and resources related to early childhood learning.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education - A comprehensive resource that provides state information for parents, students, educators and administrators.
  • United States Census Bureau: Education - Recent and historic data sets, publications and other research that explores income distribution, educational attainment, programmatic enrollment and other influential factors in the American school systems.